Don’t be mistaken: being a Social Media Manager for your business takes more than a few posts and a bit of witty banter.

When you take on social media marketing you need to be capable of turning your online audience into loyal customers who are willing to spend money with you or the time and effort isn’t worth it.

Have you got what it takes to succeed as a social media manager?

A business’s social media presence is the face of the organisation, and with over 11 million – 50 per cent – of the Australian population using Facebook to connect it’s a good business decision to make sure you are there to interact.

At Social Media Mastery we are huge proponents of educating and encouraging people to get online and learn what it’s all about for themselves, but we are also sticklers for approaching your social media marketing professionally, efficiently and with a results-driven strategy.

The skills and expertise required to generate business with longevity, from social media are complex. AND time consuming.

Think about this: Do you know your CTR from your ROI? Do you know what a good or bad bounce rate is? Do you have the ability to solve very public problems diplomatically? Do you want to engage in Pay Per Click advertising or stick to organic virality?

I’m not saying you can’t learn these things but do you have the time to learn them and do you have the natural flair for online communication and engagement to build your brand community?

Here’s a list of expertise and skills a professional social media manager should possess:

  1. Strong interpersonal and networking skills,
  2. Comfort with technology, knowledge of the organisation and empathy.
  3. Proven abilities in planning, strategy and project management.
  4. Clear understanding of analytics, the ability to set up effective campaign tracking, interpret social measurement and ROI calculation as well as a heavy dose of comfort with statistics and Excel.
  5. The ability to interpret this data and gain workable insights to make recommendations.
  6. Lots of creativity and personality (even the stuffiest brand needs to show some personality to succeed on social media).
  7. Excellent copy writing skills, experience and expertise with photography and graphics production.
  8. A good understanding of business objectives and the ability to craft effective calls to action.
  9. Experience in crafting effective campaigns for e-newsletters, blog writing, website moderation, podcasts and vlogs.

Learn how to do these things yourself or hire a social media manager

Start by enrolling in the Government accredited Social Media Mastery Certificate IV in Business . Check out the latest dates for Social Media Mastery or you can leave the implementation and management to us leaving you to get on with the stuff you know best – running your company.

Considering your social media and digital marketing may be the most revenue-centric hours anyone will spend in your company – can you afford to entrust something as important as your business’s social media communications to an inexperienced trainee?

Follow Lisa on Facebook. Find out more about Social Media Mastery  This blog is published by POMO – a creative agency specialising in customer engagement based in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.

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