Training & Mentoring

Accredited Social Media Training

Social Media Mastery can be completed as a Certificate IV Business (BSB 40215) qualification or as a professional development non-accredited course. The qualification has been developed specifically for social media management in business. The Certificate IV Business (BSB40215) qualification is being offered in conjunction with Sutherland Computer Training (RTO 31956).

The course is about innovation: educating participants with the skills to use digital technologies for networking, publishing and sharing information. The new knowledge economy requires not only business to upskill but also individuals in pursuit of professional development.

The course is suited to those looking for a new career path or for professionals needing to update their digital and social media skills and knowledge base. It’s about learning to innovate, adapt and above all to gain the confidence that qualified training provides to get that new job!

The course is rolled-out nationally, see details at

Social Media Bootcamps

Two intensive days of Social Media Marketing learning, networking and brainstorming. We are very excited to open this up to those who wish to gain the most up to date social media marketing knowledge and strategies from the experts in a short intensive workshop. Click here for more information.

One to One Mentoring

I work with individuals in a one-on-one environment to help them meet their objectives using social media. Whether that’s breaking into a new market, promoting a service or just learning the tools it’s a powerful way to stay on track and connected to your goals.

“Lisa, your passion and expertise in the area of digital marketing and social media is both inspiring and timely. No-one else quite brings the right mix to the conversation, you are solution focused and make digital accessible. You remove the fear and bring a refreshing presence to the world of digital! Congratulations!” Tania Hubbard
“Lisa has a great sense of the possibilities presented by social media and an enthusiastic ‘just do it’ approach that ensures students put their new skills to work straight away. She is also extremely generous with her time, knowledge and resources … and her classes are good fun.” Denise