Social media platforms offer opportunities for individuals, just like you, to connect and network with their family, friends and colleagues.  Some individuals have used those opportunities to grow their network outside of their immediate community. While growing their network some have achieved personal influence by becoming highly engaged with their community who rely on their trusted content.  These individuals are micro-influencers and they have established a credible and trustworthy social media reputation, usually within a niche. Micro-influencers are typically everyday people expressing their passions and recommendations through sharing their everyday life. 

This could be you!

Have you considered that you may already be considered a social media micro-influencer?

If not, you should.

Whether on-or offline, the ultimate advantages of networking for professionals are gaining sales, leads and forming strategic alliances. Yet social media networking has many more advantages to help you support your professional practice. You just need to learn the right techniques.

In many ways, social media levels the playing field, increasing opportunities for an individual to set up their practice regardless of network size, turnover and contacts. Social media tools offer more cost-effective ways to achieve your professional goals. Most sites are free with the major cost being time spent on updating profiles and interacting with your network.

You can benefit tremendously from a social networking profile that describes your story as a creative professional so that other users can connect with you online, growing your network. Your profile may include links to all your social media profiles, pictures of you, products, completed projects, colleagues and contact information.

By having a clear representation of your story and your professional practice, you will grab the attention of new connections. With a single click, messages and updates can be sent to your network. You can research your competition, customers, or partners; just some of the many possibilities of social networking.

Social networking opens up fresh opportunities all over the world. It can be daunting to dive into the virtual meet-and-greet world but don’t be put off. The advantages are numerous.

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