How to master inbound marketing using social media?

Mastering inbound marketing can be like solving a puzzle; but not because it’s confusing. It’s a puzzle in the sense that it’s made up of many different pieces – pieces that cannot stand on their own, but when put together, make total sense.

To truly succeed online, your business strategy needs to include all the pieces. The trick is to assemble those pieces into a structure in which they complement each other, interlock and net you a more complete and enduring business success.

One of the biggest pieces – and often the one that businesses struggle with – is successfully using social media for your marketing and branding.

I like to think of “digital branding” as the personality of a business through digital channels. A brand on its own has a character, a look, a tone of voice, a way of engaging, and a set of values that are being communicated. The question you should be asking yourself is, “How can I make my brand work digitally – how can I make it say the right things and how can I get it to speak to the right people and build the right relationships within this new context?”

The bottom line is that high-performing businesses focus their vision, processes and results on building long-term relationships with clients (keep in mind that clients can be individuals or other businesses). More and more, successful relationship-building is taking place online via social media.

If you want to learn more about this you can enrol in Lisa’s next intake of students for her Social Media Mastery course.

Social Media Mastery can be completed either as a professional development non-accredited course, or, if students also competently complete the associated assessment work for each unit within this course, you will gain the Nationally Recognised Qualification Certificate IV Business (BSB40212)


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Social Media Mastery course is designed for the person who sees the potential of engaging with consumers to build a community. You just need a very basic understanding on the fundamentals of social media such as Facebook.

Developed by social media entrepreneur Lisa Harrison, students will be taken step-by-step through the social media marketing landscape, and will learn how to:

  • Promote and grow their business using free online tools,
  • Boost sales and sell products and services online,
  • Create valuable long-term relationships with customers,
  • Build strong online communities,
  • Get feedback from these online communities to help refine and develop business ideas.
  • Just to name a few


With the progression, expansion and popularity of social networking sites, new media professions have been born such as the “social media manager” (SMM). SMM is just one of the new career opportunities arising in this new economy and you can read more about the skills needed to be a successful SMM here.


  • “Lisa has a great sense of the possibilities presented by social media and an enthusiastic ‘just do it’ approach that ensures students put their new skills to work straight away. She is also extremely generous with her time, knowledge and resources … and her classes are good fun.”Denise Cullen
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s workshops with Social Media Mastery, in 2012. Her passion, knowledge and delivery are second to none. Her generosity and creativity working with varying types of business owners made the course a pleasure, with many positive outcomes, bringing more clarity to planning clever marketing techniques for small business. Thank you so very much Lisa!”Nicole Armit, Head Foodie
  • “While the ultimate professional, Lisa is down-to-earth, engaging and approachable. She has that unique gift of being able to explain the complex in simple terms. I found her course in Social Media Mastery to be invaluable and would highly recommend Lisa to any small business owner wanting help in accessing the digital world.”Cath Hains, Website & Online Content Management Specialist
  • “The social media space can be complicated, Lisa is able to to explain this is a simple yet practical way. Social Media Mastery is perfect for beginners to those already involved in the the sector and would highly recommend it. Lisa’s knowledge and experience is displayed in every aspect and her passion is infectious.Thanks for all you assistance Lisa, it was a pleasure to be in your class!”Craig Montgomery, Marketing Manager
  • “Lisa provided a well-rounded, detailed and relevant course on marketing using social media using tools such as E-alerts, webpages, facebook, twitter and other tools. She was interesting, approachable and made learning fun. She respected and acknowledged all of the experience and knowledge in the room and allowed people to network and share really useful experiences and information. I would recommend Lisa for her courses and to assist you with marketing your business. She is friendly, intelligent, interesting and fun as a teacher.”Janis Meyers, Speech Language Pathologist

The course is delivered via a state of the art learning portal and monthly live online chats and brainstorming session to ensure you have the most current social media marketing and management strategies to achieve your personal and or business goals.


Lisa is the Digital Director and cofounder of POMO, a design and strategy firm based on the Sunshine Coast.

Lisa also works as a consultant with businesses helping them develop strategies, policies, guidelines and action plans for effectively using all types of digital communications in order to establish customer engagement. She has managed programs for such organisations as Birch Carroll and Coyle, The Royal National Association (Ekka), and is a speaker, facilitator, educator, researcher and blogger in social media. She was the winner of the Sunshine Coast Business Woman of the year in 2013 and a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards the same year. Lisa is currently completing a Doctorate with QUT Digital Media Research Centre.

For more information about this course and to express interest in enrolment, please email

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