Benefits of Micro-Influence

Today’s creative practitioners are facing not only the traditional demands – turning a profit, staving off competitors, maintaining career satisfaction – but also a new challenge: keeping up with the ever-changing world of social media and professional communication.
One might be forgiven for wondering, “who has time to figure out Facebook, Instagram or Tik Tok and whatever the newest platform of the week is when there’s a business to run?” After all time is at a premium. Many creative practitioners simply don’t have enough time to delve into the world of social media marketing and understand how best to harness it for career and professional success.​

Micro-influence will help you to increase awareness of your creative practice and will lead to potential career opportunities.

Micro-influence is not what you think, and why YOU need to know.

Social media platforms offer opportunities for individuals, just like you, to connect and network with their family, friends and colleagues.  Some individuals have used those opportunities to grow their network outside of their immediate community. While growing their network some have achieved personal influence by becoming highly engaged with their community who rely on their …