Social media a new literacy. How can educators support 21st century skills in a digitally disrupted education environment?

It is undeniable that digital technologies and social media have become an important aspect of our lives. Educators are recognising opportunities for professional development on SMP (social media platforms), through informal learning, tacit knowledge and connectionist approaches. Digital technologies have impacted how professionals can engage with learning so quickly that educational providers are still catching […]

Social Media Literacy: Essential for Creative Professionals

Creative professionals perform tasks difficult to scale or to automate and have been recognised in PwC (2018) report as pivotal to the future of work. My research of micro-influencers and  interviews with Australian Influencers revealed an intrinsic demand for creative professionals to have communication skills and knowledge in implementing and using SMP to establish social […]

Micro-credentials – providing new professional development opportunities

The busy modern day professional prioritise their time towards potential opportunities for career growth. They consider updating knowledge and skills a prerequisite for a progressive career path.  The options for gaining skills and knowledge are endless, confusing and not always quality. So how does the creative professional firstly choose what skills and knowledge they require? […]